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Atlanta continues to be the place where everyone is just one step away from their big break. More times than not, the threshold to that “big break” is accomplished by who you know, rather than what you know. However, one rising star is taking Atlanta by storm, making moves, winning hearts, and making us swoon one role at a time.

Chris June is his name and he is Hollywood’s next leading man!

“I’m just really big on being myself, honing my craft, and doing what I’m suppose to be doing with my talent. I know that doors are opening for me because of that. I get to be Chris [June] everyday and I feel really blessed.”

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Chris is indeed blessed with more than his fair share of beauty, body, intellect, and talent. The man can not only act, but is also an amazing singer, model, and fashion designer. When you first meet Chris you assume he is just another arrogant, handsome web star who garnered attention for his body, or who probably lucked out with a few thousand followers, and some pretty good “beyond the bathroom” Instagram photos. You soon learn everything you thought about him is wrong. Chris is the epitome of being down to earth, so much so that humility ebbs from his soul through his skin. “A lot of people have a misconception about me until they get to know me…I’m human just like everybody else, but I believe more than most, I think, that the energy you put out into the universe you get back. So i treat everyone with respect and dignity. The moment you get the big head and think you’re better than the next person then that’s your downfall…”

Mr. June may be humble, but that does not stop him from staying BOOKED. The man is Web Star Royalty when it comes to web series, having starring roles on Signal 23 TV’s About Him: The Revolution, Tyson Anthony’s Raising Eli, Lee Hayes’ BAIT, Big Dreams Productions’ Twisted, Bawn TV’s H.I.M. and Blackville, and is a panelist on Culture Club! Oh, and let’s not forget his upcoming film, Last Night In ATL starring opposite equally hot web star, Thomas Mackey! We find it extremely impressive and a true testimony to his talent that he can adapt to and play so many different roles. Naturally, he is a leading man, but we have really seen some of his best work when he is playing characters out of the box. One role, that of “Marcus,” in Twisted, really stands out to us. Here, he is a drug addict who literally screws and screws over the people in his life. Unkempt and unhinged, Marcus stands to lose it all if he does not get his life together. “That role was really different for me. In the audition process I originally read for a role that would have been, as you say, the leading man role and I remember the casting directors were saying they did not want to see me being typecast, wanting to see me in a completely different role and light. I had never heard anyone say that before so I went with it.” As you will see on Twisted (premiering on YouTube, Wednesday, November 15, 2017.), some of the most emotional scenes of the series involve him. The boy can cry on demand!

chris june in blackville

Chris June and LaTamra Smith from scene in Bawn TV’s “Blackville”

Chris’s roles on these series makes him the unicorn of the web star world; working for rival networks who to say the least have rarely played nice with one another. Chris, however, is determined to stay above the drama and out of the fray. “You know I really wish we all could just come together. There’s so much we could accomplish if we all pool our resources. There’s so much money to be made and such a big difference we can make if people would put their egos to the side. Just look at the success of Moonlight, Hollywood is starting to see our stories are powerful and viable and the desire to see more Black LGBT content building. I feel like these web series are a big part of that and are only becoming more and more popular. We need to be united.”

chris june

In just a few years, Chris sees himself living his dreams, having crossed over to mainstream acting and being one of the industry’s leading men. This is definitely something we see for Chris, unlike some of his compatriots who are content with being “Gay Famous”; he is definitely going for the gold! “I see all of this as the means to an end. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know what I want for myself and how to use this platform–and that’s what it is a platform–to accomplish my goals. This is work and you cannot get caught up in the hype, attention, and likes because it is all fleeting. At the end of the day all you have is yourself, your dignity, the people you love, and a career if you have worked to make something of yourself. Do what you have to do so you can look back over your life and not have any regrets.”

Talking with Chris is never a conversation, or even an interview, it is an experience. He makes you feel like who you are and how you are is perfectly okay–and we love him for it. Are you swooning for Chris June? We are. Chris…consider yourself WEB STAR WATCHED!

Chris June

IG: @the24thofjune

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning





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