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 I feel like I’ve been blacklisted from the world of black gay web series in a lot of ways.

Honestly, my start as an actor on film was a learning experience. I got my start on Free Fall. It’s still doing very well I hear. I learned a lot from the guys and especially Lamont Pierre. I didn’t always agree with his direction or his personal advice when we spoke about love and relationships but I understood his feelings and the maturity in a lot of his ways. I learned to humble myself in a lot of my experiences on that show which I did four episodes. Free Fall started a movement in the black gay web series world. I was happy to be a part of it. The reaction from the fans was unreal. I couldn’t believe it.

free fall web series

When I was let go from the show I was sad and hurt. I found out like everyone else; online. I wasn’t given any notice or heads up by any of the guys. I was dealing with a lot at the time. Free Fall wasn’t a paid gig and I knew that going into it. I was so young but my first priority was finding a job to be the thing that allowed me to continue acting. I didn’t want to play the “struggling actor” role and pretend I was Hollywood. On top of that, I was having strong feelings for one of the guys on set. During that time, just before I was let go, I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was still new to becoming me; new to my sexuality, new to dating, new to sex, new to all of it.

langston john blaze

Just before Free Fall, I had become very social with the cast of VH1’s Single Ladies. Travis Winfrey was my boy; like we were so cool. My first day on set, he knew exactly who I was from my playfully flirty tweets and admiration for him. After two extra roles and almost getting in trouble on set for taking photos together, I was given a small feature role to play Winfrey’s love interest on an episode. I was so excited, I announced it on twitter. My followers were excited. Days later, to my surprise, Travis called me “a liar” on social media. He said I had no part on the show, not knowing I was cast. I was hurt by this. He knew me. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just direct message me to ask what I was talking about, but this inevitably got me fired from the role.I felt like my dreams were done. I was dramatic yet the thing that hurt the most was losing a connection with someone I thought was my friend. At the time, my friend, Landon and sister, Sydney, got me through the pain.

Travis Winfrey

Travis Winfrey

Eventually, I ended up with a new role on the short-lived drama, Necessary Roughness, weeks later. I never reconnected with Travis. I felt even sillier when months later, the Single Ladies role aired and only featured my character on photos, no lines or even physically interacting on set whatsoever. Yet I learned a lesson in Hollywood about only getting one chance, professionalism, and separating friends from work.

Recently, I was given roles on two of Tyson Anthony’s productions, Pharm and About Him: Freshman Year. I was considered the veteran actor on set since a lot of the younger talent (fresh faces) were familiar with my work from Free Fall. I carried myself professionally on set. I even took note from some of my favorite actors. I stayed to myself a lot. I was friendly but not over the top. I played a young emo-inspired drug dealer who dies by the hands of another drug dealing friend, who my character haunts after death. The character was a goofy yet challenging concept. I was inspired to do well. I grew up a quiet kid. As an adult people took this quality in me the wrong way. Later, I would discover one of the actors on the set of Pharm had an issue with me. I didn’t know why. I was hurt by this; not because I wanted to make a friend but I’d really been working on myself and it felt like all that work was for nothing. It took awhile but eventually I realized nothing was wrong with me. I was me. I liked who I was. I felt like I had been handling myself like a professional actor; nothing more or less.

Written By: Langston John Blaze

langston john blaze

From HeyMikeyATL

Langston’s experience with various web series is exactly that–his experience and perspective. We cannot confirm or deny if he has been blackballed from doing web series, but he did ask to use our site as a platform. However, we do believe there are two sides to every story. Langston states he wants to teach others to learn from his mistakes and  what they are getting themselves into with these web series.  We found his experience worth noting and reached out to various actors from the shows he participated in for a balanced perspective. Only three from About Him: Freshman Year and a show runner cared to comment. However, they do not care to be identified.

about him freshman year

The cast of “About Him freshman year (l-r) Rocc, Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, and Desmond Fletcher

“We treated everyone on set like family and wanted to provide a united front when it came to drama and nonsense. It is really unfortunate Langston felt alienated, but no one actively went out of their way to hurt him. We wish him the best.”

“He [Langston] has a bad habit of being the person who throws the rock and hides his hand…you can’t be on set talking mess about a person to another person and then turn around and talk mess about the person you were just talking to, to someone else thinking it won’t get back to them…Langston is very standoffish and acted grand like he just knew everything and that did rub a  lot of people the wrong way. If he felt alienated it’s because he did it to himself.”

“It’s just really sad that some people want attention or do some things for personal gain. Langston is a very bright person. But his personality and mind is just too fucked up for me to even form a relationship with the boy. But hey that’s life.”

“I Like Lang [Langston]…he’s always delivered for me when he was on set and took his job seriously. I would still cast him again.”







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